The Five Types Of Cleaners

The five different types of cleaners.

What Type Of Cleaner Are You?

Are you curious about the type of cleaner you are? We’ve compiled a list to rank the top five cleaner categories. From those who sweep it under the rug to a real-life Monica from Friends, and everything in between.

The Sweep It Under the Rug Cleaner

Do you find yourself stuffing that one room or closet chock full of knick-knacks, flipping a couch cushion when there’s a stain, or covering a spot with an area rug? If you answered yes to any of these, chances are you might be a sweep it under the rug type of cleaner. And that is ok! We’re here to help.

The “It can wait until tomorrow” Cleaner

When we think something can wait until tomorrow, what we really are telling ourselves is never. We’ve all been there before. If you are this type of cleaner than the last thing on your mind after a long day is to clean. Just looking at the dishes in the sink (from the day prior), the clutter on their coffee table or the spill on the floor all seems just a bit too much to handle.

The Cardio Cleaner

Did you skip the gym to clean, but your smartwatch can’t tell the difference in your heart rate? If so, you might be a cardio cleaner. From scrubbing every inch of tile to vacuuming all carpeted areas of your home, the cardio cleaner will tackle it all. Crank up your workout playlist, and grab your sweatband, because once you start, there is no stopping until this cleaning marathon is complete.

The Power Cleaner

Cardio cleaners and power cleaners are not only similar but compatible. Where the cardio cleaner tackles the visible surfaces, the power cleaner lifts and moves furniture to get underneath and behind.

As a power cleaner, there is not one place in your home that goes untouched or un-dusted. Ceiling fans, under the refrigerator, inside the stove, and everywhere in between will be spotless.

Monica From Friends

For 10 seasons, of the hit show Friends, Monica Gellar taught us all that if you want something done right, you need to do it yourself. If you are the Monica Gellar cleaner, chances are you have a spot for everything, your bed is always made before you leave the house, toilet paper is folded into a point and even your vacuum is vacuumed.

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