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Learn about Kirby’s Cancellation policy and your optionS

We are confident that like millions of fellow Kirby Family members, you’ll be happy with your investment in a Kirby system and the confident clean it will provide for many years. However if you do need to cancel the sale, The Kirby Company requires its independent Distributors to adhere to any country, state or local laws pertaining to consumers’ cancellation rights. In the United States, Distributors must adhere to the federal “cooling off” rule, which is codified as Title 16 CFR Part 429.

Golden Ager/Disabled Consumer Purchase Cancellation Procedure

Any consumer who, at the time of purchasing a Kirby system, is at least sixty seven (67) years old or has a disability (regardless of age) which restricts or prevents the consumer’s use of the Kirby system, may cancel and rescind the purchase transaction up to nine (9) months after the date of purchase.

Upon cancellation of the purchase transaction, the independent Distributor who made the sale will return all deposits, trade-in merchandise and down payments to the consumer. If trade-in merchandise is no longer available, the independent Distributor will return to the consumer merchandise of an equal value and a similar type as that of the trade-in merchandise.

Contact The Kirby Company

To cancel your purchase under the Golden Ager/Disabled Consumer Cancellation Procedure, please contact The Kirby Company’s Consumer Relations Department.

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