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Only genuine Kirby carpet shampoo should be used with Kirby home care systems.

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Kirby's unique dry formula carpet shampoo is specifically designed for use with Kirby home care systems. It can be used with the portable shampoo attachment for small areas like carpeted stairs, or with the carpet shampoo attachment to clean a larger area or an entire room.

Kirby carpet shampoo breaks down dirt and encapsulates it as it dries to a crystal that can be easily vacuumed away. This method of shampooing uses less water than extractor systems, preventing over-wetting of carpet and padding. It also reduces sticky shampoo residue that can attract more dirt to your carpet.

Kirby carpet shampoo is available in lavender and unscented formulas, as well as a pet-friendly formula designed to tackle animal stains and odors. For quick touch-ups or upholstery, try Kirby Zippfoam.