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Kirby Vacuum Parts and Attachments

Searching for Genuine Kirby Replacement Parts and Supplies?Kirby bags

Since 1914 the Kirby Company has held its home care systems to the highest standards of quality. The company carries on that same tradition with its genuine replacement Kirby vacuum parts. Whether you need Kirby vacuum bags, belts, brush rolls or any other Kirby attachment, using Kirby Genuine Replacement Parts provides the most reliable way to maintain your home care system.

We understand there are other replacement parts and supplies offered by companies attempting to imitate the Kirby quality you expect from Kirby parts like belts and vacuum bags. We advise against using these products because they could prove to be ineffective.

  • Imitation bags may contribute to a decrease in filtration efficiency and possibly leak debris.
  • Imitation belts may slip, stretch or break.
  • Imitation brush rolls may not clean as effectively or last as long as a Kirby brush roll. They may wear unevenly or cause premature belt wear.
  • Imitation shampoo may leave residue in the carpet that actually attracts more dirt. Our specialty shampoos contain Kirby Guard which protects your carpet from re-soiling

Kirby Belts

Your Kirby system will operate at peak performance when you use genuine Kirby parts, vacuum bags and supplies. To protect your 3-year warranty, use only genuine Kirby parts, and have service performed by an authorized Distributor. When you need Kirby vacuum belts, bags and other supplies, call your authorized Kirby Distributor or the Kirby Company Parts and Supplies line at 1-800-437-7170.

There’s a reason why our home care systems have a reputation for longevity and reliability – our parts are of the best quality, too. Trust the Kirby name and ensure your peace of mind.


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