Reclaim Your Home from Your Furry Friends with the help of your Kirby vacuum

Fluffy isn’t just your pet– he’s part of your family. But, you didn’t name him Fluffy just for fun…that dog can shed! What are you supposed to do when your home starts to get buried in pet hair?

It’s time to take back your home! Use the following pet hair removal tips from The Kirby Company to reclaim your home and eliminate the piles of dog and cat hair hiding in your furniture and rugs.


How to Get Pet Hair Off the CouchMan removing pet hair from couch with Kirby vacuum

From brushes to pet hair tape, nothing seems to keep that pet hair from collecting on your furniture. While the best solution to this problem is keeping pets off your furniture, try telling Fluffy that! But don’t worry, your Kirby system has attachments that can minimize the hair that collects on furniture.

Use your Kirby Avalir vacuum cleaner with the Upholstery Tool or the Zippbrush attachment to clean your furniture on a regular basis to reduce the accumulation of pet hair.


How to Get Pet Hair Off Window Treatments

When it comes to your window treatments, your pets can often brush against them leaving a fresh dusting of hair. If you can’t or don’t want to continually take down your window treatments, you can use your vacuum to do the job.

Use the Kirby vacuum Duster Brush with suction control grip to adjust the amount of suction when vacuuming delicate fabrics.


How to Get Pet Hair Off Carpet

Cleaning pet hair from your carpets is a breeze with a Kirby vacuum cleaner. The high-power suction of a Kirby vacuum is designed to help pull pet hair out of your carpets and into the attached bag.

For the best pick-up of pet hair, adjust your Kirby vacuum cleaner so that it is raised three clicks from the floor. This turns your Kirby into the perfect pet hair vacuum by providing the right combination of bristle agitation and airflow to pick up that pesky pet hair.

The best way to keep your carpets clean is to vacuum them often with your Kirby Avalir vacuum cleaner and Kirby attachments.

Our best advice for keeping your home clean is to vacuum often and brush your pet’s hair outside on a regular basis. By removing the loose hair from your pet before he comes inside, it will be less likely to collect in your rugs, draperies and furniture.


Quick Ways to Reduce Pet Hair in the Home

Girl and dog next to Kirby vacuum

  • Try to keep pets off of upholstered furniture. You can provide them with their own special dog bed or cushion to make them comfortable.
  • Vacuum often. Prevent pet hair from building up or working its way deep into carpet and upholstery fibers.
  • Groom your pet often to remove loose hair before it ends up on your furniture.
  • Invest in a Kirby Avalir vacuum cleaner. Make sure that tiny pet hairs stay in the disposable bag and out of the air when vacuuming.
  • Clean your pet’s bedding and blankets as often as you can.
  • Use the Kirby Zippbrush to vacuum upholstery. The spinning brush sweeps away pet hair with ease.
  • Use the optional Kirby Brush Roll for pet owners. Its unique tuft pattern means that 55% less hair gets entangled in the roller.

Kirby Brush Roll for Pet Owners

Even Pet Furniture Needs Pet Hair Removal

During regular vacuuming of your furniture and floors, there’s one thing you shouldn’t overlook – your pet’s bed! If your pet does sleep in the special bedding you provide, that’s good news for your furniture, but make sure to keep cat and dog beds enticing for your pet by keeping them clean as well. Watch this video to learn how Kirby’s Zippbrush picks up hair from pet beds in a flash and makes them look new again.

Kirby Accessories and Extras

The Kirby Company understands the challenges that pet owners have, which is why we created a line of Kirby Home Care products specifically designed to combat pet stains and odors.

Shop all of our Kirby cleaning products today to find what you need to keep your home clean.