What Makes a Kirby Such a Long Lasting Vacuum?

Woman using Kirby long-lasting vacuum hose attachmentAren’t all vacuums created the same? Not when it’s a Kirby vacuum cleaner.

The Kirby Avalir® home care system is constructed with durable die-cast aluminum parts that will stand up to years of tough use. In fact, the power plant is known as the Kirby signature of quality and durability. It will keep your home looking beautiful while it helps your investment in flooring and furnishings last longer.

The Kirby Company continues to invest in our design, testing and manufacturing capabilities to develop and improve our product. Each step of the process is constantly monitored by Kirby’s skilled work force to assure distributors and consumers that the Avalir® system will remain a long lasting vacuum for years to come.

These investments solidify our reputation of creating a product that is built-to-last and secure our leadership position in the home care industry.

Man vacuuming carpet with Kirby vacuumWhy Should You Choose a Kirby Vacuum System?

  • Our products are built to last: Many consumers use their home care systems for decades and take advantage of our generous lifetime Rebuild Plan.
  • All Kirby vacuums are backed by a 3-Year Limited Warranty to ensure you get proper protection for your investment.

Learn for yourself what makes a Kirby vacuum system different. Schedule a free in-home demonstration today!