Let us help you find an authorized independent Kirby Distributor in your preferred location! Contact your Kirby Distributor to schedule an in-home demonstration of the Kirby system, order cleaning supplies, or have your Kirby system serviced. No matter what your needs are, your local Kirby Distributor will have you covered to help keep your home clean for years to come.

How To Schedule A Demo With A Kirby Dealer

Kirby systems are sold exclusively by independent Kirby Distributors via in-home demonstrations. This is the only way to ensure you are getting a genuine Kirby system along with the benefits of a factory warranty, Lifetime Factory Rebuild program and more. Enter your location in the search bar to find the closest Kirby Distributor to you. Select your preferred Kirby Distributor then click “SCHEDULE A DEMO” to setup your free in-home demonstration!

Buying a Kirby system through an authorized Kirby Distributor gives you the opportunity to test the Kirby Home Cleaning System in your home with no obligation! Get personalized cleaning tips, guidance on using attachments and more! Schedule your demo today!