What You Can ExpectSalesperson showing how much dirt the Kirby vacuum picked up

Thinking about scheduling an in-home demonstration with an independent, authorized Distributor of Kirby Company products? An in-home demonstration is absolutely free, and no purchase commitment is necessary.

When the sales representative arrives at your home to demonstrate the Kirby vacuum home care system, he or she will clean your flooring and will offer to shampoo your carpet or hard surface floors, or in some cases, will deep clean a piece of upholstered furniture to demonstrate the power of the system.

During the in-home demonstration, you will learn useful information including:

  • Information about the history of The Kirby Company
  • Features and benefits of the Avalir® home care system
  • Explanation of how a Kirby vacuum cleaner can replace all your current systems
  • Using the portable vacuum to deep clean your mattresses and why it’s important
  • How to use the Avalir system to shampoo carpeting and mop hard floors
  • Using the attachments included with your Kirby Avalir system
  • Proper use and care of the Kirby Avalir system
  • and more!

Salesperson vacuuming a mattressIt is our goal to make you feel confident in your investment. We know why our cleaning system trumps all others, but you don’t. Let us show you in your home exactly what sets the Kirby system apart.

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