Kirby independent dealer showing vacuum to customerQ. What does a Kirby Salesperson do?
A. They present the Kirby vacuum system to consumers and benefit financially with each sale.

Q. Is the Salesperson an employee of the Kirby Company?
A. No. Each salesperson is an independent contractor who receives the unit to sell from an independent, authorized Distributor. The salesperson is paid on commission and receives his/her earnings from the Distributor. Neither the salesperson nor the Distributor is an employee of The Kirby Company.

Q. What does it cost to become a Kirby Salesperson?
A. There is no financial investment required to become a Salesperson.

Q. How much can a Salesperson make?
A. Kirby vacuum salespeople earn commissions on each sale they make. The amount of this commission varies with every sale. Salespeople are encouraged to sell a minimum of 15 units per month to provide a solid income stream. As an independent contractor, your earnings are not limited. The more you sell, the more you earn.

Q. Can I set my own hours?
A. Yes. You choose when to work. However, your income is directly tied to the amount of effort and time you put into selling.

Q. Do I need a car?
A. Having your own car provides flexibility, but is not required in many areas. Many Distributors can arrange for you to carpool to a neighborhood with other independent Dealers. Be sure to discuss this with your independent Distributor.

Q. Do I need prior sales experience?
A. While prior sales experience is a plus, it is not required. Many people have never sold anything before becoming an independent Kirby Dealer. Experienced salespeople and proven business practices are available to guide you as you learn about the Kirby vacuum system and the sales process.

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