Our Commitment to Continued Excellence

The Kirby Company combines the craftsmanship of a skilled workforce with semi-automated manufacturing equipment to create our high end vacuum home cleaning systems.

Just some of the other aspects that make us a leader in home care include:

  • Proven engineering
  • Manufacturing and styling
  • Vacuum parts made of reliable materials
  • Each Kirby Vacuum unit is precision-built by skilled technicians
  • Commitment to time-honored tradition of direct selling
  • Professional and reliable customer service

How We Ensure Excellence

The three modular serial numbers – unit, transmission and motor – and their test data are recorded and combined into one serial number that becomes a permanent history of your brand new Kirby vacuum unit.

Kirby home care systems, including Kirby vacuum attachments, also are regularly tested by independent laboratories for safety and performance.

The Kirby Company maintains a commitment to providing superior quality home care systems to our clients all over the world.

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