Advantages of selling Kirby vacuum systemsA Strong Business Opportunity

  • Kirby vacuum salespeople enjoy the benefits of being in business for themselves.
  • They control their own financial destiny, determining when and how hard they wish to work. Of course, the harder they work, the greater their income can be.
  • They are supported by experienced Kirby salespeople and proven business practices.
  • There is no investment necessary.
  • There is a rapid opportunity for growth. All Kirby vacuum salespeople are encouraged to grow their careers and become Kirby Distributors.
  • Unlike retail establishments that have to wait for customers to come to them, Kirby salespeople go to the customer. Their business can always be active.
  • There’s no seasonality to the business. Kirby vacuum salespeople can sell the product at any time of the year.

A Strong Product

  • Salespeople sell a quality product manufactured by a company that has been in business nearly 100 years
  • The price of the product is such that the salesperson can make a reasonable profit on each sale, providing a real income for the salesperson and his/her family.
  • Financing options are available in most locations making it easier for consumers to make a purchase.
  • The Kirby Company stands behind its product and provides consumer assistance through a toll-free customer service numbers, internet websites, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more.
  • The Kirby product is an iconic, global brand sold in over 55 countries around the world.