Cleaning Area Rugs

Unsure of what vacuum settings to use on different carpets and area rugs? Different levels – frieze rugs vs. flat carpet for example – often require different settings from your vacuum cleaner. Luckily, your Kirby system can adjust to clean all of the carpeting and area rugs in your home. The Avalir system can be adjusted to the proper height for any type of floor using the simple toe-touch control. Use it to raise or lower the cleaning height of the vacuum, and use the Belt Lifter to start or stop the brush roll to accommodate your specific area rug or carpet.

To adjust the Avalir system, start by lowering the nozzle as far as possible. Then, click the toe-touch control to raise the unit to the recommended setting:

Raise Unit                   PurposeProper Cleaning Height
Lowest Position           Recommended: Carpets
1 Click up                      Optional: Deep pile carpeting
2 Clicks up                    Optional: Long pile carpeting
3 Clicks up                    Recommended: Pet hair removal
4+ Clicks up                 Hose and attachments

  • Adjust settings based on your type of carpeting.
  • Use the Kirby carpet shampoo deep cleaner for any set-in stains or smells.
  • Shake out area rugs and wash if possible. Hang them outside to dry before replacing them.
  • While rugs are up from the floor, use your Kirby vacuum to quickly clean all hard surface floors.
  • Use the Straight Suction feature on your system to vacuum delicate carpets and throw rugs.

If you want to give your area rugs an extra clean, vacuum the underside too. You should also try to rotate your rugs annually to avoid those placed in higher traffic areas from getting worn out too fast. For smaller rugs, Kirby attachments like the Zippbrush get the job done.

Our area rugs and carpets get a lot of wear and tear. Whether we’re drying off our boots in the entry way or rolling around on the carpet with our favorite furry friends, dirt, grime, pet dander and more are dirtying up our carpets. If you take the time to clean area rugs and carpets properly, their lifespan will increase and you’ll have a happier, more comfortable home. Find carpet shampoo and other cleaning solutions from Kirby to make cleaning easier.