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Happy Kirby vacuum owners

We take our Kirby vacuum reviews to heart. We want Kirby vacuum owners to be satisfied, and we strive to meet your expectations. Read below to see what lifelong Kirby owners and members of The Kirby Family are saying about their Kirby homecare systems.


I liked the fact that it would shampoo carpets, upholstery, vacuum bare floors, clean out your car…all of it. My Mother bought the vacuum when I was 3 years old so I grew up with it for many years. Love the product.  

– Sheri V.
Titusville, FL

It truly does do everything. I believe that I was destined to have a Kirby. The day (and I mean the very day) my Hoover gave up the ghost in a cloud of smoke; I got a call from (a distributor of ) Kirby, asking if I would like to schedule an in-home demonstration.  … I was very impressed with the rug shampooer, particularly since my steam cleaner had sprung a leak and died right before my appointment. I LOVED (and still do) the zippbrush! That thing is the greatest! I was skeptical that I would find a use for the sprayer (I mean really…a vacuum cleaner with a sprayer?!) but that thing has been invaluable for cleaning the walls and the furniture! My G4 may be 20 years old, but I wouldn’t give it up for anything! … The Kirby has paid for itself many times over throughout the years. 

– Elizabeth W.
Waterbury, CT

I Love the fact that when I use my vacuum, I know I’m using the best vacuum that I can. … It was a worthwhile investment

– Sheri D.
Muskegon, MI

It has been running great for at least the past 12 years in our home with the only maintenance being a emptor tube, a brushroll and a hose end. …  It easily cleaned the soil that was stuck to some adhesive residue that hot water extractors and professionals were unable to clean.  

– Earl V.
St. Charles, MN

I had been using the Dyson Pet vacuum for the past 3 yrs. It was a good vacuum for me, but the pet hair was getting out of control and I needed to shampoo my area rugs regularly. I needed something that could help me with not only vacuuming, but also shampooing  … I love how it can do it all in my house – rugs, hardwood floors, tile, couch, bed, curtains, even shampoo the rugs and couch!  … I have had my Kirby 2 yrs now and love everything about it! I hope to have mine just as long as my grandmother has (30 yrs now) and my parents have (16 yrs now). Great investment!!!

– Brenda J.
Lafayette, IN

It is the best vacuum I have ever used. All the attachments, the power, etc. I clean my kitchen floors, my vertical blinds, and pretty much everything else. I love this vacuum, the hardiness and the overall quality. Definitely one of the best purchases I have ever made. Thank you Kirby!!

– Arthur W.
Elburn, IL