The Kirby Classic III

Manufacturing Date: 1976-1979

This bright maroon model was very eye-catching for our customers! The newest innovation made to this Kirby model was the Vis-A-Belt. This was a clear plastic window on the belt lifter for viewing the belt position. This model included many components and attachments such as the shoulder wrap, handi waxer, handi butler, shag king, sani em-tor, and crystalator.

What Brush Roll Does The Kirby Classic 3 Use?

Standard Brush Roll: Classic – Tradition


What Belt Does the Kirby Classic 3 Use?

Kirby Vacuum Belts

Frequently Asked Questions

What brush roll does the Kirby Classic III use?

The Kirby Classic III uses a standard brush roll designed for Kirby systems Classic, Classic Omega, Classic III, & Tradition.

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What belt Does the Kirby Classic III Use?

The Kirby Classic III uses our standard vacuum belt.

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