Kirby Generation 3

Manufacturing Date: 1990 – 1993

The G3 model introduced a new look and feel to the overall Kirby! With it’s cutting-edge style and more than 60 improvements, this model was known as the “Dawn of a New Generation.” It introduced the TechDrive Power Assist feature, which has become one of our most popular features on the Kirby! This automatic transmission senses the direction and the speed you want your Kirby to go. It also makes pushing your Kirby feel almost effortless! Some other features this model provided includes the toe-touch control, belt lifter and adjustable brush roll. This model functions as an upright vacuum cleaner, a straight suction cleaner and a portable cleaner with a variety of attachments.


What Bag Does This Kirby Use?


What Brush Roll Does This Kirby Use?


What Belt Does this Kirby Use?

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