Kirby Heritage II / Legend

Manufacturing Date: 1984 – 1989

The Heritage II introduced our revolutionary Zippbrush. This air-powered accessory features 3 rotating brushes that dislodges pet hair and other embedded debris in upholstery and carpeting. The Zippbrush has become a customer favorite! Aside from this popular attachment, some other features included the polymer Kirby Kaddy for attachments, improved swivel tube hose, and streamlined nozzle with brush performance indicator light.This model functions as an upright cleaner, mattress cleaner, and tank canister cleaner. Some notable attachments that were introduced with this model included the crevice tool, utility brush nozzle, duster brush, and extension wand.


What Brush Roll Does The Kirby Legend Use?

Standard Brush Roll: Legend – Heritage II


What Belt Does the Kirby Legend Use?

Kirby Vacuum Belts

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