The Kirby Classic

Manufacturing Date: 1970-1973

This vintage Kirby model launched the “second generation” of Kirby models. It also introduced an oval Sani Em-Tor, rear mounted switch, and a wider nozzle for cleaning. Some other standard features on this model included duster buffer, safety speed selector switch, accessories case, shoulder portable strap, portable sprayer, and rug renovator.


Kirby Classic Features

  • Duster buffer
  • Safety speed selector switch
  • Accessories case
  • Shoulder portable strap
  • Portable sprayer
  • Rug renovator

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Frequently Asked Questions


What brush roll does the Kirby Classic use?

The Kirby Classic uses a standard brush roll designed for Kirby systems 513, 514, 515, 516, 517, 518, 519, 562, S7, Dual 50 & Dual 80. 


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What belt Does the Kirby Classic Use?

The Kirby Classic uses our standard vacuum belt.

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