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Kirby Carpet Shampoo


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Product Description

Shampoo an entire room, or clean up a small stain with ease. You get professional results with our specially formulated dry-foam process. It reduces excess moisture which can damage the backing of carpet and allows carpets to dry faster.

Typical carpet shampoo can leave behind a sticky residue which attracts dirt. When this happens, your carpet gets dirty faster than normal. Kirby Carpet Shampoo quickly surrounds dirt and dries to a crystal form that can be easily vacuumed away.

Only use genuine Kirby Carpet Shampoo in Kirby shampoo systems.

Need help assembling or using your Kirby shampoo system? Call us at 1-800-437-7170.





How to use the Kirby Avalir shampoo system on carpeting.





How to assemble the Kirby carpet shampoo system (models prior to Avalir)


Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 8 x 8 in