Where is dirt hiding in your home?

Summer is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to open those windows and get that fresh air breezing through your home with the smell of budding flowers. Ah, but don’t forget what will also creep into your home. Pollen. Dirt. Germs. (Yuck!) You may not be able to keep those out of your house completely, but you can control it with your Kirby Home Cleaning System! So let’s talk spring cleaning. It’s time to clear your home of that pesky built-up dust and pollen. You’d be surprised at where dirt and dust might be hiding, but luckily your Kirby system has all the right cleaning attachments and powerful performance that can help get the job done right.
  1. Drapes and curtains are a prime spot for dust and dirt to hide because most of the time they are used as decor and are untouched. Attach the upholstery nozzle  to the suction control grip when removing dust from your delicate fabrics. The suction control grip piece is key for all attachments because it allows you to control the amount of suction when cleaning. The upholstery nozzle can remove dirt from are corners, cracks, grooves and narrow openings and sliding window tracks.
  2. Ceiling fans conquer at collecting dust, unfortunately. We recommend cleaning your fan blades similar to how you would clean your window blinds. While other cleaning attachments such as a duster don’t capture all dust when in use. Instead, you see the dust fly in the air, which is the fast-track to agitating your allergies. To avoid this, we recommend Kirby offers an optional ceiling fan brush to purchase through The Kirby Company, which is made specifically for ceiling fans. Another cleaning option is using the upholstery nozzle with your suction control grip on ceiling blades for a thorough clean to capture the dust.
  3. Book shelves are dust and dirt catchers. It’s common to ignore the bookshelf when regularly cleaning because books and décor prevent you from seeing or knowing dust lives there. Have no fear, your duster brush is here! Use your duster brush to remove dust from irregular surfaces. The bristles on this attachment are great to capture and suck up the dust in tough-to-reach spots without having to move much on your bookcase!
  4. Baseboards (where the floor and baseboard meet) trap a good amount of dust and dead (sometimes live) bugs. (ew!) This is where your crevice tool is perfect to use for sucking up all that nasty stuff. This attachment is perfect for hard surface floors and under low furniture, the corners of baseboards, and sliding glass doors where dust often collects.

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I may have added to your chores list, but you’ll thank me and your Kirby once your spring cleaning is complete, and open-window season commences! The best part of using these Kirby attachments is that they all can be assembled on your hose. When you’re done with one chore, swap the attachment and move onto the next. The name of the game here is capturing the dust, not spreading it around. Keep those allergies under control and dust out of the house! So turn on some of your favorite music and let your Kirby do the rest. Happy cleaning!

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