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Kirby Models: The Kirby G4 Vacuum

Kirby G4 VacuumThe Kirby G4 vacuum model was first released in 1993 and remained in production through 1997.

The Kirby G4 vacuum featured a brand new 3-position handle locking mechanism as well as additional improvements that made it easier to maneuver and function.

Some of the other standard features on the Kirby G4 vacuum included:

  • Toe-Touch Control
  • TechDrive Power Assist
  • Disposable Kirby G4 vacuum bags with Micron Magic®
  • Belt Lifter

The Kirby G4 vacuum also included optional accessories that enhanced the cleaning power and versatility of the machine.

If you lost your product manual or are looking for information on your Kirby G4 vacuum cleaner, contact our customer service department. They can help you find replacement Kirby G4 vacuum bags or other parts. Want to know where to buy Kirby vacuum cleaner bags? You can find bags and other Kirby G4 accessories online at

If you just need a little refresher on how your machine operates, check out the online version of the Kirby G4 manual.

Ready to upgrade your Kirby G4 vacuum? While our machines are built to last a lifetime, many improvements have been made over the years. Now is the right time to upgrade. Learn about the unique features offered on the Kirby Avalir Vacuum cleaner.

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