Hot Dog! Look at that Mustard and Ketchup Stain!

Ketchup & Mustard Stain Removal Tips | Kirby Carpet Cleaner

There’s nothing better than a grilled hot dog piled high with ketchup, mustard and relish. But, what happens when a big dollop of condiments lands on your carpet?

It’s time to get your stain-fighting gear ready for battle!

The faster you treat the stain, the better the results will be. Don’t let a ketchup or mustard stain destroy your carpet; use the Kirby stain removal tips below to tackle those difficult stains.

How to Remove Mustard Stains

Mustard can be a tough stain to treat, and as with all stains, there is a right way to treat your carpet and a wrong way. Do not start rubbing the stain when it happens; you’ll only make it worse. Instead, follow our stain removal tips below:

Kirby vacuum carpet spot removerFirst, remove all excess mustard or ketchup by scraping at it with a butter knife or by blotting (NOT wiping) with paper towels.

Once complete, apply Kirby Multi-Purpose Spot Remover plus Oxy liberally to the area and work into the carpet with a clean white cloth.

Allow the cleaner to penetrate the stain for 10 to 15 minutes.

Using clean water and a clean cloth, blot the area repeatedly. If any stain remains, reapply the cleaner and repeat the above steps.

When dry, vacuum the area to ensure that no residue is left in the carpet. 

Keep your carpets looking clean and fresh all the time by making an investment in Kirby carpet cleaning supplies and a Kirby Avalir vacuum cleaner.

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