Why choose a Kirby® vacuum system over other leading brands? When you purchase a Kirby system you are getting more than just a vacuum; you are getting an entire home care system.

A Tradition of Quality

Woman vacuums area rug with Kirby vacuum

When you purchase a Kirby vacuum you’re gaining:

  • More than 100 years of experience spent perfecting just one vacuum cleaner
  • A vacuum constructed and designed to provide years of service
  • A leader in home cleaning and a name recognized around the world
  • A reliable product trusted by millions of satisfied customers
  • Just read our satisfied Kirby vacuum cleaner reviews to see for yourself

Built to Last

The Kirby Avalir® home care system is built to last. Constructed using durable die-cast aluminum parts, it will stand up to years of tough and continual use.

Quality Performance

The superior suction power, maximum airflow, and HEPA filtration in the Kirby Avalir system add up to a high performance vacuum cleaner. More than just a vacuum, the Avalir is a portable carpet shampooer, hard floor cleaner and more. The hard floor cleaning capabilities are unparalleled and will make your surfaces shine like new. With the Avalir, you’re investing in more than just the very best cleaning solution for your home and your family, you’re investing in a complete home cleaning system.

Learn more about the benefits of becoming a Kirby home care system owner:

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