Wall mounted rack shelving for storage in garage Your garage can quickly collect clutter, and before you know it, there’s no longer any space for your car! Use these garage organization tips to remove that built-up clutter and make room for your more important equipment – including your vehicle. Use the following cleaning tips to organize your garage and get it clean:

  • Purge all junk that has accumulated that you will never use.
  • Back out your cars so you can give your garage floor a good cleaning.
  • Use the Kirby Wall and Ceiling brush to vacuum walls to remove any cobwebs or dirt that has collected.
  • Rethink your storage and purchase new containers or a shed to house all necessary equipment.
  • Use your Kirby Avalir cleaning system to vacuum out your cars to remove any salt, dirt, food or debris from your floors. The Kirby Utility Tool works great on floor mats.

Our garages often house a lot of expensive equipment and tools and it’s important to keep this environment safe and clean to avoid damaging or losing these items. Find more Kirby cleaning tips for all areas of your home.