Kirby Avalir

Manufacturing Date: 2015 – 2017

This beautiful vacuum with red accents was redesigned with the consumer in mind! The Kirby Avalir can convert into twelve separate units. With its sleek styling and smooth contours, this unit has an updated Multi-Surface Shampoo System that not only shampoos carpet but also cleans hardwood, tile and vinyl floors. The one-piece shampoo base attaches quickly and easily and includes a self-contained removable waste tray to give our customers easier disposal of waste water when using the shampoo system! It also includes a redesigned handle fork opening up the middle that gives it a familiar yet elegant appearance. This is the first model to include a handle above and beneath the outer bag to allow you to easily lift without bending.

Owner Manual

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What Brush Roll Does the Kirby Avalir Use?

What Belt Does the Kirby Avalir Use?

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