Kirby Sentria II

Manufacturing Date: 2012 – 2014

The Sentria II Model not only included a new and improved color scheme, but also included some major redesigns, such as the Mini Em-tor for a better handgrip and easy removal, F-Style filter bag attachment to improve bag changes, and the popular Zippbrush attachment was updated to a more modern design!

This unit also gives customers a durable polymer base pan to reduce unit weight and handle locks at the base to carry it easier. This unit was and still is a popular Kirby Model for many Kirby customers and succeeded by our most recent model, the Kirby Avalir 2. View the Avalir 2 today.

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What Bag Does the Sentria II Use?

What Brush Roll Does the Sentria II Use?

What Belt Does the Sentria II Use?

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