Man cleaning kitchen counterNo matter what the season, our kitchen floors can fall victim to some real messes. In the winter there’s tracked-in snow, slush, salt and grime from dirty boots and paws. In the summer its muddy shoes and sand. This is why it’s important not to forget about regularly cleaning our kitchen floors as well as the rugs and floor mats that are in the space.

Your Kirby cleaning system can handle all of these messes. Use it as a hard floor cleaner to pick up crumbs and dirt from your hard surface kitchen floors and then switch to the Multi- Surface Shampoo System to give those floors a nice shine. Use the different mops and brush rolls to clean all types of hard surface floors. Then, use the vacuum as a deep-cleaning upright to take care of any rugs or mats in your space.

Getting Started and The Best Way to Organize a Kitchen

Your kitchen ceiling and walls can accumulate a lot of film and gunk throughout the months. The moisture, smoke, and fumes that result from cooking meal after meal often lead to them needing some TLC. Use your vacuum attachments to tackle the harder-to-reach areas around your light fixtures and attend to any cobwebs in ceiling corners and crevices. The Kirby wall and ceiling brush makes it easy to vacuum dust from kitchen walls and then if necessary, you can follow up with a damp sponge to clean any stains.

It’s always a great idea to go through your refrigerator from time to time and discard any unused salad dressings, barbeque sauces or expired foods. It’s important to start with clean and clear shelves before you start filling them back up again. To keep your refrigerator running efficiently, use the Kirby crevice tool to vacuum under the refrigerator and the duster brush to clean off the coils in the back.

Looking for a deeper clean? One area you should focus on is your freezer. Take everything out of your freezer and store it in coolers. Turn off the power to your refrigerator and wipe the interior with a mixture of hot water and baking soda. Repeat this same process for the exterior of your refrigerator.

Keep this checklist in mind to give your kitchen a solid cleaning:

  • Remove all items from your cabinets. Vacuum all cupboards with the Kirby vacuum hose.
  • Remove food from the refrigerator and freezer and wash all shelves and drawers. Vacuum under and behind the refrigerator and wash off the exterior.
  • Throw away all outdated and spoiled food from your kitchen and donate any canned foods or non-perishables you don’t plan on consuming.
  • Give your stove-top a deep cleaning with disinfectant cleaner and run your oven’s cleaning cycle.
  • Scrub your chairs, tabletops and table legs. Wash all counter tops and wipe up any spills that have managed to go undetected.
  • Use the Kirby Multi-Surface Shampoo System to scrub hardwood, tile, and linoleum floors.
  • Wash your tablecloth, draperies and any decorative towels or dish cloths that could be collecting dust.