Top Five Cleaning Tips for Summer

top five cleaning tips for the summer

Tackle Summer’s Cleaning Challenges With These 5 Tips

It’s that time of the year again when we all start to head outdoors for our backyard barbeques, driveway talks with the neighbors, and having the whole family home for the summer. With so much to do, those little cleaning projects you planned for the spring might have fallen to the back of your mind. Fortunately, we have five cleaning hacks that can save you time.

1. Vacuum with Genuine Kirby MicronAllergen Bags 

Achoo! Do you have that tickle in your nose that you just can’t shake? Summertime goes hand in hand with allergies. From the dust to tree pollen, dirt, pet hair, and more. It’s no surprise our eyes are watery, and noses drip like a leaky garden hose faucet. Stop the sneezes and the wheezes in their tracks with our MicroAllergen Plus HEPA Filter Bags. Our HEPA Filtration bags trap all of those common household allergens and offer maximum filtration with easy disposal. Snag some today and save 20% when you subscribe.


2. Scrub Away Stains and Sticky Messes

Fruit juice, popsicles, grass stains, and mud are the recipe for a sticky, summer floor disaster! Scrubbing it all away doesn’t need to be a challenge though. The Kirby Multi-Surface Shampooing System cleans the messes that other machines leave behind. Easily switch between scrubbing hard floors and shampooing your carpet until your home looks like new. For a deep clean, try our Pre-Treat for Heavy Traffic Areas or spot clean before shampooing with our Multi-Purpose Spot Remover plus OXY.

3. Clean The Mattress

The Kirby Avalir 2 Home Cleaning System makes cleaning your mattress a breeze. With the most powerful airflow in the industry, you’ll be able to clean up the dust and debris that are deep inside your bed. 

4. Cleaning Out Your Car

Hey, car crumbs, we see you, and we’ll get to you…. Later? When later becomes way later, which eventually becomes almost never, then it’s time to take care of business. The Kirby Avalir 2 can help with its powerful suction and multiple attachments that make getting the crumbs out of your seats, floors, cupholders, and floormats easier than ever! 

5. Refreshing Your Furniture

Your upholstery is just one high traffic area in your home that requires regular maintenance and cleaning. One way to keep your furniture protected and preserved is to use a convenient and powerful tool like the Kirby Zippbrush. The Zippbrush provides incredible suction and moving bristles so you can easily take care of any stuck-on pet hair and debris. 

Genuine Kirby Home Cleaning Products Are Designed With You In Mind

The Kirby Home Cleaning System and Genuine Kirby Products are designed with your cleaning routine in mind. Preview the Kirby Avalir 2 today by scheduling an in-home preview, or, pick-up more Genuine Kirby Home Cleaning products for your next cleaning project!